Why Choose Boxica

We’ve been in the ring. With over a decade of experience, we know how to get results. What we have created is a new way to get results.

Wherever you are on your fitness journey, our bag and strength routines work up a sweat and will get you closer to your fitness goals.

There are better ways to get your heart going than jumping on a treadmill – fitness doesn’t have to be boring. You can punch your way to a healthy heart. We combine boxing and strength training in an uplifting atmosphere that will have you feeling amped up and ready to smash your targets.

Boxica Is…


We promise to maintain an uplifting atmosphere of positivity and energy. We know you can do it and are committed to making sure you believe in yourself.

We do better together. We are committed to creating a community you want to be a part of. Our community will support and uplift. We celebrate our successes together and build each other up when things get tough.

With our team of qualified, energetic and friendly professionals, we will provide unrivalled service. Our customers are important to us – we’ll make sure you know it.

Our Drive

What’s Standing In Your Way?

Is it fear, lack of results, intimidation, lack of self-confidence or boredom? Boxica empowers people to identify what is holding them back and smash those walls down, encouraging them to come together as a community, striving for enhanced fitness and better health. Boxica will give people
the tools they need to transform into the best version of themselves by providing a total body workout that not only promises physical results but also better mental wellbeing.

Whatever success looks like to you, Boxica is the first step on the journey of positive change.


The Boxica Journey

For anyone who wants to take control of their fitness and get maximum results, Boxica offers all of the benefits of boxing without having to step into the ring or take a hit.

The Boxica community works hard and plays harder.

The soundtrack to our classes is music to uplift, motivate and get you moving.

It’s not just fun – our combination of bag work and weights provides an unmatched combination of cardio and strength-building moves to make sure you are hitting your goals. No matter what success looks like to you or what you want to achieve, Boxica is for you. Our workouts are accessible and scalable. Our team will be your biggest cheerleaders and is passionate about taking your fitness journey with you, wherever it takes you.



Paul has been a trainer for 12 years, a boutique fitness specialist guaranteeing the perfect mix of energy, humour and coaching possible inside one room!

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Favourite Food

Prime Rib

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Mike Tyson

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Sophie has been coaching group classes and PT since she gave up her corporate life as a lawyer. She is also a BASI ski instructor.

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Sim Dum

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Anthony Joshua

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Cyrus has been coaching nutrition, fitness, health and peak performance for 13 years. Prior to his fitness industry career, he served as Royal Marines Commandos for 5 years including a tour in Afghanistan on Operation Herrick 2006. His style of coaching is tough love.

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3, 6, 5, 4

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Carrot Cake

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